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SYSTEC Supplies provides a wide range of hydraulic equipment and accessories including engineered electro-hydraulic systems and solutions for all your tooling requirements ensuring cost effectiveness and a short lead time for your products.  View products further below from our supplier, HAWE Hydraulik.

Please don't hesitate to call us today on +61 492 914 739 to discuss your requirements or contact us to request a quotation.  SYSTEC Supplies is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Hydraulic Products

  • Hydraulic pumps are characterised by their compact and robust design. They are suitable for demanding applications up to 700 bar.


    • Radial Piston Pump

    • Axial Piston Pump

    • Air-driven Hydraulic Pump

    • Hand Pump

    Hydraulic pumps

    Hydraulic Pumps

  • Hydraulic valves are available either as components or combined in valve banks.


    • Directional Spool Valves

    • Directional Seated Valves

    • Pressure Control Valves

    • Flow Valves

    • Check Valves

    Hydraulic valves

    Hydraulic Valves

    • Compact hydraulic packs

    • Standard hydraulic packs

    • Mounted valves

    Hydraulic power packs

    Hydraulic Power Packs

  • Hydraulic clamping cylinders generate a  pressure-controlled clamping force on the piston. Axial piston motors have a constant displacement and generate a fixed speed dependent on the flow rate.

    Hydraulic cylinders & motors

    Hydraulic Cylinders & Motors

  • HAWE Micro Fluid develops compact hydraulic components, pre-configured sets and complete systems with a need for small and fine-tuned volume flow ranges for medical applications and locking systems for roller coasters.

    Hydraulic micro fluid products

    Micro Fluid Products

  • Servo hydraulic solutions are delivered plug & play. They have been tailored to the needs of specific applications, but they can also be adapted for other machine types.

    Servo hydraulic system

    Servo Hydraulic System

  • With their highly compact, weight-optimised design, mini power packs are designed for a wide range of applications.

    Mini-hydraulics power packs

    Mini-Hydraulics | Mini Power Packs

  • Whatever your needs - advice, configurations assistance or support during commissioning-our system solutions meets all your requirements.

    Turnkey hydraulic systems

    Turnkey Hydraulic Solutions

Hydraulic Accessories

  • A selection of hydraulic accessories is available for use in hydraulic systems.


    • measuring instruments

    • hydraulic accumulators

    • fittings

    • filters

    Hydraulic accessories

    Hydraulic Accessories

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