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SYSTEC Supplies provides a wide range of hydraulic equipment and accessories including engineered electro-hydraulic systems and solutions for all your tooling requirements ensuring cost effectiveness and a short lead time for your products.  View products further below from our supplier, Tools Depot Engineering.

Please don't hesitate to call us today on +61 492 914 739 to discuss your requirements or contact us to request a quotation.  SYSTEC Supplies is based in Brisbane, Australia.


Hydraulic Products

    • General Spring Return

    • General Oil Return

    • Hollow Spring Return

    • Hollow Oil Return

    Hydraulics aluminium series

    Aluminium Series

    • SFG Flat Load Return

    • FS Flat Spring Return

    • CS Compact Spring Return

    Hydraulics short series

    Short Series

    • LLG Low Locknut Load Return

    • LS Locknut Spring Return

    Hydraulics locknut series

    Locknut Series

    • GS General Spring Return

    • GD General Oil Return

    Hydraulics general series

    General Series

    • HS Hollow Spring Return

    • HD Hollow Oil Return

    Hydraulics hollow series

    Hollow Series

    • MPG Mega Plain Load Return

    • MPD Mega Plain Oil Return

    • MLG Mega Locknut Load Return

    • MLD Mega Locknut Oil Return

    Hydraulics mega series

    Mega Series

    • SLD Stage Lift Return - 700bar

    Hydraulics stage lift series

    Stage Lift Series

  • Click below link to view Tools Depot's Hydraulics Components Catalogue

    Hydraulics components catalogue

    Components Catalogue

Hydraulic Accessories

  • Hydraulics FCV series

    FCV Series

  • Hydraulics needle valve series

    Needle Valve Series

  • Hydraulics ball valve series

    Ball Valve Series

  • Hydraulics lowering valve series

    Lowering Valve Series

  • Hydraulics thermoplastic hose series

    Thermoplastic Hose Series

  • Hydraulics quick coupler series

    Quick Coupler Series

  • Hydraulics fitting series

    Fitting Series

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